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Alan can read this section to you if you wish:

Generate human-like speech from your text-based dialogs, with multiple voices.

Benefit from automated discovery of speech segments and voice assignment to actors in scripts.

Access AI based text-to-speech technology of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft through our interface.

Choose from a large number of high-quality, neural (machine learning based) voices, all reading in English.

Enjoy great results without the need to understand SSML: Our app intelligently inserts the required mark-ups, even intonations.

Download generated audio as a continuous mp3-file and, additionally, its individual segments in a zip-file.

Freely use mp3's based on your documents for personal and commercial purposes.

Generate realistic voice overs for videos, blogs, podcasts, online courses, and much more.

Create picture narrations with PowerPoint or video editors, easily, with our free tools.

Download ebook, pdf, and web content into a text file for easy editing, before conversion.

Create a second version of your audio (should you discover errors post-processing) for free.

Choose from a large selection of royalty free sound effects and intro melodies to insert into your audio.



Abby can read this section to you if you wish:

Woman listening to voiced script while cooking Over 20 million people in the United States listen to audiobooks on a regular basis.

For the busy generations of today, listening to content while engaging in other activities is more convenient than making time for sitting down to read even an interesting news story.

But admittedly, narrations are monotonous and boring. On the other hand, popular podcasts, as just one example, involve several guests talking about a topic casually in a dialog format, which is what makes them engaging.

Even though most novels involve dialog, the already high cost of converting them to audiobooks explodes beyond most publishers’ means when more than one narrator must be employed.

VoicedScripts.com offers a cheap and expedient option, by providing the means for creating downloadable text to speech mp3, where dialogs are spoken by different, human-like character voices based on the latest technology. Elderly woman listening to voiced script while relaxing

Creating a voiced script with natural voices means that you can offer your clientele an alternative, inexpensive but appealing medium for enjoying your content, whether it be a short story, your latest blog post, the FAQ section of your website, the financial outlook of your company, or your brand-new novel.

In addition, having produced a natural speech mp3, you can easily voiceover a YouTube video or an online course, and even create a podcast.



Sandra can read this section to you if you wish:

The procedure for creating a voiced script by mixing different natural voices is remarkably simple:

First, you select your script (we accept plain text files, Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, and e-Books) or specify the address of a web page you want to turn to a downloadable mp3 or simply enter some text for converting to natural TTS (text to speech). You can even insert intro music and sound effects.

Next, you assign voices to characters in your dialog (if any) and/or choose a narrator voice (which can be assisted by natural voices that read only headers or text in quotations, etc.).

Our system will mark up your text so that every word sounds like spoken by a human character, and you get to confirm the voice to character assignments you opted for. It will then synthesize the speech and will provide you a free sample to listen to.

Once you’re happy with the sample, you pay to receive your voiced script as a downloadable mp3 file, which you can distribute to customers, upload to your website, or use in any other way you want to. That's it.

So, don't wait! Try it out right away:

Create Your Free Sample

Not convinced yet? Check out our video samples, our freely downloadable voiced scripts, the character voices we offer, and the testimonials sent by our happy customers. From books to the ear natural text to speech conversion process

If you feel the urge to find out more about the text to speech conversion process before you get your hands dirty yourself:

Our How-To & Applications page explains in very simple terms how to create great voiced scripts, in addition to providing information about the possibilities.

Our Guidelines are there so you can make the most use of our technology.

And finally, our extensive FAQ section can answer most of your questions.



Logan can read this section to you if you wish:

The base price for our service is a very low $0.01 per 100 characters of text. Moreover, you get double the value, because we'll provide you a coupon for the amount of characters that you paid for, to create a second voiced script of the same length. You can use it to perfect your first creation or to synthesize another one for free. Stacked coins

To cover our payment processing costs and other overheads though, this low price is available only when you purchase on demand credits starting from $9.99, which you can use to pay for all of your projects, at any time, with no expiration date and no monthly commitment. Alternatively, for a script of up to 10,000 characters, you can simply pay the single-item purchase price of $1.99.

(These prices are exclusive of taxes. VAT, if applicable, will be separately charged on the final price. The price in your local currency will be calculated using the current exchange rate to US Dollars. Prices are rounded up to the next Cent.)

If you are the copyright holder of the contents of your document, or if you convert a public domain document to natural text to speech, the voiced script you create is yours to distribute and even to sell, with no additional royalties due to us.

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Listen to an excerpt from:

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum

Public domain book converted to a voiced script.

Listen to an excerpt from:

"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

Public domain book converted to a voiced script.

Many more samples are available on our freely downloadable voiced scripts page.



We offer a large number of standard, high, and low pitched, female and male voices with American, British, Australian, and Indian accents. In addition, we offer female and male "tourist voices" with French, German, Italian, and Spanish voices. You can listen to all of them below:

Female voices with American accents
Male voices with American accents
Female voices with British accents
Male voices with British accents
Female voices with Australian accents
Male voices with Australian accents
Female voices with Indian accents
Male voices with Indian accents
Female tourist accents
Male tourist accents


Matthew can read this section to you if you wish:

Engage your audience and expand your reach by publishing your writing as an mp3 file.

Produce great audiobooks with multiple voices without paying voice talents a fortune.

Better monetize your blog posts, contributor articles, and website content with audio.

Create video voice overs for product explainers, demos, training materials, and much more.

Generate income on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook by publishing marketing and sales videos.

Explain concepts and provide audio for online courses and training videos.

Generate podcast episodes with multiple voices automatically from a script.

Learn and teach English by having our app read custom materials you choose.

Create picture narrations in PowerPoint or a video editor.

Voice over animated stats, animated maps, 3D walk-throughs and publish them on YouTube.



Megan, Ross, and Audrey can read this section to you if you wish:

Picture of Julie Canmore

I use voicedscripts.com to create audible versions of my blog posts. In the meantime, I have nearly as many listeners as I have readers. Narrating is very time consuming for me; getting the job done for a few dollars is much more convenient.

Julie Canmore

Picture of Thomas Angevin

We regularly publish detailed financial forecasts for different industries but know that hardly anyone reads the text. Most people glance over the executive summary at best and check out the charts. A few months back, we decided to give voicedscripts.com a try and arranged one report as a conversation. The result was astonishing; everybody downloaded the audio and listened. Since then, our customers insist on receiving the audible version first.

Thomas Angevin

Picture of Elizabeth Hanover

I write short stories and was overjoyed to discover voicedscripts.com. For an author like me, it is great to be able to listen to dialogues I have written. Characters suddenly come alive and I become aware of my own writing. I do have audiobooks narrated but that comes much later, after the entire book has been published. I first distribute the voiced script version of each short-story, because it is much cheaper and faster to produce.

Elizabeth Hanover

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